Abstract VS Realistic with Elizabeth Karaffa

On March 19th Oasis Fine Art and Craft welcomed students from Montessori on their field trip.

Goal: Emphasize the differences between Abstract and Realistic

Painter Elizabeth cut out animal pictures from a magazine the night before. On the day of the field trip, she had the kids look at the paintings around the room and point out Abstract versus Realistic and talked about the differences between the two. She then had the kids paint an environment for the animal with watercolors, choosing Abstract or Realistic. This was a great art lesson with a simple and fun project.

Metalsmitting with Sarah Lock and Suzanne Comeau

Goal: Make a domed, stamped, round, copper pendant on a necklace.

Metalsmith Sarah Lock brought the entire setup for making stamped copper pendants. Suzanne was helping with the many steps involved in making domed copper pendants
Tools used: Metal letter stamps and hand-stamper, Sand paper, Dabber with wood mallet and wood spheres

Material used: Already cut-out 1-inch copper circles Cord for necklaces

The kids had to choose up to three letters representing their own initials or those of a loved one. Sarah used a marker to draw a line on the copper disk where the letters should be stamped, then helped the children setting the metal stamp (one at a time). She asked the child to press hard on the stamper so the letter be legible on the copper disk. Then the child used sand paper to remove the black line and was now ready to dome the disk using a metal dapping block and wood spheres to make the disc. Suzanne help them hammering the wood sphere with a wood mallet. Then we attached a cord to make the necklace. The result was a shiny, personalized copper pendant with initials.